About Us

For over 30 years Alatek Systems has been helping unions and other labor organizations manage their back office operations by providing custom hardware, software, and process solutions that fit into today's dynamic and connected world.

Some of our Software Solutions

Internet Grievance



Smart Bill

Medical Records Management

Medical Case Management

Pre Authorization Management

Custom Web Sites

Custom Software

Programs and Processes that fix your current operations

Past, Present, and Future

AS/400 - Web - Cloud

For a generation AS/400 has been the bedrock of data management systems. Alatek can take your existing data management systems and push them even further by offering integration with web and cloud connected services. You can provide better support to your members and take workload off your staff.


Highly qualified people that understand you and how you work

Help When You Need It

Dedicated Support

Alatek understands the unique problems facing organized labor management, because we have been there as well. From the ground up Alatek’s programmers, support staff, and administrative staff are there for your organization.

Ready Made Solutions

Cost Effective software solutions for existing infrastructure

21st Century

Problem Solving

Just as trucks allowed men to move more goods and welded steel allowed men to build taller buildings, advances in computer technology allow us to do more. Alatek does not use steel to make copies of wooden bridges, we leverage new technologies to their fullest potential and can bring those insights to your organization.

World Class Consulting

Finding the right solutions to your problems is our only goal.

Planning & Strategy


Consulting is about building relationships. It’s about trusting experts to give you the best advice to expand your organization or solve critical problems. Alatek understands that without this trust, nothing can be accomplished. Building that trust is at the center of everything we do. From product design through field support, you can rely on Alatek to be with you every step of the way.

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Alatek, LLC
PO Box 834
Crossville, TN 38557
(888) 788-2673

Please get in touch with us to request a demonstration of any of our software solutions.